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Whether a yoga mat is a luxury or necessity remains under debate, but a good mat can help prevent slipping, injuries and heat loss through the floor, giving you a grounding effect. Your mat serves as a way to save your spot in class and the bright colors and patterns might put a smile on your face. **Page contains affiliate links. More Info

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Using Yoga Mats

The cushioning effect of your yoga mat can prevent aching knees, spine, hips and elbows and give your bones and joints support for proper alignment. The mat also helps with balance and poses by preventing slipping thus preventing injuries. Many mats are reversible, giving your yoga mat a longer life span. New technology is bringing us antimicrobial mats that will stay fresh and control odors.

Cleaning Yoga Mats

One simple way to clean your yoga mat is to hose it off outside or soak it in the bathtub and then allow it to dry completely. Another method is to fill a spray bottle with one of the following suggestions and give the mat a good spray. Wipe the mat dry with a soft cloth.
1) equal parts water and white vinegar
2) water combined with a couple of drops of tea tree oil
3) mild dish soap on a sponge.

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